Helena Svensson

Writer - Addrevenue


About Helena

Helena Svensson has a background in journalism and marketing. She has worked with affiliate marketing since 2017, mainly as an affiliate, but also as an advertiser. She thinks affiliate marketing is a classic win-win, where people who are good at creating value for their followers can become entrepreneurs and work whenever and wherever they prefer. At the same time, the affiliate model is completely risk-free for the advertisers – they only pay when they actually sell something. Advertisers get access to more marketing channels and sometimes even completely new markets. Helena believes that most entrepreneurs or media agencies would benefit from considering working with affiliate marketing. To spread this message, she is happy to contribute her knowledge via Addrevenue's blog.
Helena especially wants to encourage mothers to try affiliate marketing. Many mothers have started their own businesses or a social media presence during, for example, maternity leave – Helena herself is such an example. Since you work completely independent of location and time, as an affiliate, it is often very suitable for people with children, who need flexibility in their work.

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