Terms and conditions for users on addrevenue.io


This website and service is provided by Addrevenue AB ("Addrevenue") with organization number 559329-0298. You can use Addrevenue in several ways; you can be an entrepreneur and act as an advertiser, affiliate and marketer for the affiliated companies and also be a subscriber to our newsletter(s). In order for our marketplace to be pleasant and safe, we have terms of use and rules set in place. Regardless of how you use Addrevenue, the following terms of use apply.

01. Free membership

Joining our network is free of charge. You can create an advertising program or set up your channel as an affiliate at no cost upfront. Only advertisers pay for the usage of our marketplace, but they are only charged after a sale has taken place and said sale has been approved by the advertiser. The advertiser will be given sufficient time to review all transactions before Addrevenue charges the advertiser and pays a commission to an affiliate.

02. Usage

Anyone who joins the marketplace agrees that Addrevenue sends the contact information to companies that are affiliated with Addrevenue and that match the request. It is not allowed to connect rogue or fictitious sites / companies.

03. Abuse

It is not allowed to slander any person or company, or write illegal and unethical things in communication with another user on the platform. Abuse will be reported and violation may result in the user account being blocked without notice.

04. Commission

There are no guarantees that the marketplace will generate sales for advertisers or compensation for affiliates.

05. Advertiser responsibilities

It is the advertiser's responsibility to evaluate and control all applications from affiliates to the advertiser's advertising program. It is also the advertiser's responsibility to review all transactions made from an affiliate, where a relationship is already established. If no action is taken by the advertiser, then all transactions after 20 days will be approved automatically and the advertiser will then be liable for payment of said transactions.

06. Rogue users

Rogue advertisers and affiliates who violate terms and conditions must be reported to info@addrevenue.io and may then be suspended from Addrevenue.

07. Addrevenue's responsibility

Advertisers enter into agreements directly with affiliates. Addrevenue has no part in this agreement, it only facilitates the collaboration between these parties. Addrevenue does not take responsibility and does not provide any guarantees for transactions mediated through the service. Addrevenue cannot be held liable for damage that has occurred in connection with the exposure of a company's brand or traffic generated to an advertiser's platform via an affiliate. In case of problems, such as fraud, the dispute must be handled directly between the advertiser and the affiliate.