Addrevenue Tech

Addrevenue is about using affiliates to create meetings and deals between customers and advertisers. It is the basis of everything we do and to make it possible, we use modern and advanced technology. Technology that also enables both advertisers and affiliates to scale the business in a safe and efficient way. Below you can read more about some of the technical solutions we offer.


Tracking code

Perhaps the most important element is, of course, a functioning tracking. We have spent a lot of time on a very simple installation of our tracking code, and that it should be lightweight and fast to run on your page, so that it does not affect the experience or the page's ranking. Our script collects minimal data and no personal data. If you need help, we are here from start to finish.

Clear reports

Our Performance Report is a fast and powerful way to aggregate data on everything from date, channel, advertiser, etc. You easily select different date ranges and can filter the selection to create exactly the report you want. On the homepage dashboard, you also always see overall KPIs and graphs of your success.

Addrevenue API

Our API allows both advertisers, affiliates and agencies to integrate with our platform. You can retrieve data such as discount codes, new advertisers, invoices, transactions, payouts and connect with your own system for a seamless process.


Do you yourself have an API and want callbacks when new transactions come in? No problem! With our easy-to-use callback function, you yourself set the callback URL and which parameters you want to include. Simple and powerful.

Slack integration

With our Slack integration, you can connect to the popular messaging tool Slack. You get new transactions, new advertisers, new campaigns and daily reports right in any Slack channel!

Chrome extension

With our Chrome extension installed, you always get a quick indication if a page you visit with Google Chrome is an active advertiser with Addrevenue. You can apply to the advertiser and manage tracking links and other things directly in your browser!


Easylinks™ is a way for you as an affiliate to create nice and simple links from your website to our advertisers. Install our javascript and voila your usual links are suddenly trackable advertiser links! Here we explain how it works.

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