7 Reasons to Use Affiliate Marketing as an Advertiser

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Written by Heimar Svensson
Published 8 Jan 2023Updated 6 Dec 2023
Why should you work with affiliate marketing as an advertiser? It is a question you should have an answer to before starting collaborations with websites, video channels and influencers.

There are plenty of reasons to work with affiliate marketing

As an advertiser, it's easy to get started and get more sales through affiliate marketing. You will be able to choose websites that you think match your brand. You can also work with influencers. Affiliate marketing is cost-effective and often leads to you reaching new target groups. Your investment is minimal and so is the risk.

7 reasons to use affiliate marketing as an advertiser

Why should you work with affiliate marketing as an advertiser? It is a question we will provide an answer to; before you launch your advertiser program with us and start collaborations with websites, video channels and influencers. Affiliate marketing in its essence is very popular because the method is simple for everyone involved. Let's take a look at 7 reasons to start working with affiliates as an advertiser.

1. Affiliate marketing is cost effective

This is one of the main reasons to start working with affiliate marketing. You don't have to pay for advertising that doesn't sell, i.e. you don't pay for clicks - you only pay for actualy approved sales.

As an advertiser, it is you who decides what commission to offer. You also have the possibility to award individual commissions to different affiliate partners. Perhaps you'll need to offer a bit more a certain blog or website in order to get proper representation. It happens.

As an advertiser, your costs are:

  • The time you spend to find the right channels and partners for your business
  • Any gifts/products you want to give affiliates to get more attention
  • Time on communication with influencers or the person behind a certain website or Youtube channel
  • The commission you pay for approved sales

Then it could also be the case that you want to produce image material and other marketing material for your affiliates to use. This leads to your campaigns looking as cohesive as possible. It can be wise to use on-brand, high quality material on a website rather than affiliates using the first image of your brand that they find via a Google search.

But even if we imagine that you spend a lot of time to create good visual material, as well as to find the right collaboration partner; affiliate marketing  remains a very cost-effective method in the marketing mix. You have firm control of your expenses and you can expect a predicable profit margin.

2. You take no risks with affiliate marketing

It is you who decides who will show your products and recommend you to their audience. You also decide how much you will pay for each sale. So you really take no risk with this form of marketing.

Furthermore, you can end collaborations that you are not satisfied with at any time. In addition, you can have clear rules for where your products and services are displayed and what type of affiliate is allowed to market your brand. For instance, if you want to avoid being featured by discount sites - that's very much in your power to control.

3. You can sell your products in a targeted way

Perhaps you have already carried out extensive market research and therefore know exactly who your target group is. That's great! With affiliate marketing, you can be precise and only appear in channels where you know your target group spends time. You can choose with great accuracy, which allows you to really sell in a targeted manner and get much more out of every ad and every link that is published.


You can hit the target with affiliate marketing

4. Your brand name reaches a larger audience

With affiliate marketing, your brand can reach much longer than if you only use the traditional marketing methods. Something that often happens with blogs and  social media channels, is that people really do share content that they're passionate about.  That kind of passion is how your brand can reach such a large audience, because engaging content from engaged publishers really is the way to reach a larger audience. And odds are, those are people that wouldn't otherwise engage with your brand. 

5. You reach new target groups

Even if you choose a certain website or influencer you are a good match with in terms of target audience; you should be aware of the fact that this collaboration can ultimately lead to you reaching new target groups that you didn't even think about when you started your affiliate program. This is part of the power of shared content, which creates viral behavior. When this occurs, people who didn't previously know that they had an interest in what you do, now discover you and your business.

If you are looking for new customers and don't want to spend a lot of money on a new market analysis, affiliate collaborations can give exactly the same results. The difference lies in the fact that this happens in a more organic way. In addition, it may take a little longer to discover how you have reached a new target group. That's why it is important to stay aware of what is happening with your marketing on the blogs and websites you choose to collaborate with.

6. Overview and analysis made easy

The beauty of affiliate programs is that you, as an advertiser, can keep track of everything that happens. You can see how much traffic your affiliates are sending your way via their links. This makes it much easier to calculate what you actually earn from affiliate marketing.

With proper tracking and analytics tools, you can also adjust and make sure you choose collaborations that are truly rewarding for your business. You can also, on the contrary, terminate partnerships or simply ignore collaborations that do not lead to sales. The choice is yours, and that choice is much more informed thanks to the good analysis tools via our platform.

7. Increased brand awareness

You want your brand to be recognized. With that in mind, it's obviously crucial to be seen online in strategic locations. Even if a person clicks on an affiliate link and it doesn't lead to a sale, they will still have noticed your business and been exposed to your brand.

The next time the person visits on your online store, it'll be with a feeling of recognizing the brand and the store. This is key in order to increase conversion rates, and ultimately the likeliness of your visitors making a purchase. Product awareness is an important parameter in successful marketing and that is exactly what you get with the help of affiliate marketing.


As an advertiser, it is easy to get started with affiliate marketing in order to get more sales via various online channels. You can choose the affiliate channels that you think fit with your brand. You can also work with influencers who are active in different social media outlets. Sometimes it's about about finding the right combination of affiliates and that's why you want to cast a wide net initially and collaborate with as many affiliates as possible. Then you can analyze, iterate and find the right mix of affiliates for your brand.

Affiliate marketing is cost-effective marketing method that also leads to your brand being exposed to new audiences. Your investment in terms of money and cash is minimal and, hence, the risk is equally low. Thus, it should be self-evident that you can earn a lot via affiliate marketing and that is should be a natural part of your marketing mix. It's what some would call "a no-brainer!"

Heimar Svensson
CEO & Co-founder
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