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Written by Helena Svensson
Published 24 Mar 2023Updated 6 Dec 2023
Addrevenue is the young, hungry and fast-paced network. The founders are ambitious, quick and flexible. We also take pride in being friendly and having an open attitude where we educate, guide and give our advertisers, media agencies and affiliates the best conditions to succeed. We also bring in advertisers and scale up faster than our competitors – and we have enormous technical expertise and experience. With Addrevenue, you as an advertiser, media agency or affiliate are in good hands. Here are 10 reasons why Addrevenue is the best affiliate network:

Addrevenue is the affiliate network on the rise

Addrevenue prides itself on being friendly and having an open attitude where we educate, guide and give our advertisers, media agencies and affiliates the best conditions to succeed. We also bring in new users quicker and scale up the platform faster than our competitors – and we have enormous technical expertise and experience. We want you to feel in good hands with us, both now and in the future.

At the technological forefront

Addrevenue has enormous technical know-how. We have already caught up with all the other networks technically, but have also started building new features that the others lack. Our development team has many years of experience in development at the absolute cutting edge of technology and we do all development in-house. This makes us quick-footed and more flexible than competitors who, for example, manage their site development via external agencies.


Good guy business model

We are fast, flexible and friendly. We want to give our customers and partners the best conditions for success. That's why we take pride in educating and guiding our advertisers, media agencies and affiliates. It creates an obvious win-win situation. If you succeed, we will succeed. Therefore, we are prepared to do our utmost for you to achieve success, together with us. Do you want to know how you can choose the right products to be able to maximize your profits as an affiliate marketer? Are you a beginner? Read our ultimate guide to affiliate marketing for beginners!

We realize the features you dream up

Our goal is to build Addrevenue's platform together with our customers. We maintain close and ongoing contact with both advertisers and affiliates to make sure that we build according to all the rules of the art - at the same time that we give space for our customers to dream up new features that we then realize and implement. You are the one using the platform and it should work as smoothly as possible for you!

Gets new advertisers on board faster than anyone else

Addrevenue is growing its advertiser network faster than any competitor. We want to be flexible and fast-moving, and that includes continuously offering more and more advertisers in the network. Are you an affiliate? Keep an eye on your inbox - we send ongoing information about new advertising programs on the platform.

A platform built by affiliates for affiliates

Addrevenue's founders have previously run their own affiliate sites and social media accounts and are well acquainted with the industry. We know what it means to build a channel from scratch and how to succeed. We understand the challenges – and the opportunities. We have also run companies that used affiliate networks in their marketing and are therefore just as familiar with the advertiser's perspective. Our broad experience, with dual perspectives, was actually what gave us the idea to start Addrevenue. We are also eager to convey our knowledge to our partners, for instance via our blog. For example, we give you tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes as a beginner affiliate or why you should build an email list.

Pays commissions faster than the competition

Many of our advertisers pay the commissions to you as an affiliate by bank card, instead of invoice, as with our competitors. Our unique solution means that you as an affiliate can receive your payout in record time. Look out for advertisers marked with the "fast payments" badge, to be sure to receive the fastest possible payouts for the transactions you create on behalf of our advertisers. Here you can see how much our affiliates earn in different categories. The numbers are updated every night at 04.00 CET - another one of the technical features we are currently alone about.


Earth seen from space

Rapid expansion and opportunity for business throughout Europe

Addrevenue has a very high rate of expansion. We already currently have all the infrastructure in place for you to be able to do business throughout Europe. We are growing strongly in populous European countries such as Germany. Talk to us if, as an advertiser you want to reach more markets, for example. Of course, we will also grow outside of Europe. Sign up today and join us on our journey out into the world!

Ambitious founders with the right background to succeed

Our glasses are always half full and nothing is impossible. We are experienced entrepreneurs with ambition, desire - and the knowledge required to succeed. We want to build the world's best affiliate marketing network, together with more of you.

Quick-footed and flexible – with short contact paths

We are proud of how quickly we have grown and how flexible we have been along the way. It is part of our company culture. Another important aspect of our speed and flexibility is that we have short contact routes to you as a customer. If you want to discuss new technical features, you can get in direct contact with our technically responsible developer. If you as an advertiser need to discuss strategies around your affiliate marketing, we are at hand. That you succeed, together with us, is our highest priority.

Smooth onboarding for new advertisers and affiliates

As part of our focus on speed and flexibility, we've built an incredibly smooth onboarding for new advertisers and affiliates. If you need technical support regarding tracking codes and other things - get in touch and we will help you. As I said: flexible, quick-footed and short contact paths. Welcome to sign up as advertiser or affiliate at Addrevenue, already today!

Helena Svensson
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