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Written by Helena Svensson
Published 12 Mar 2023Updated 6 Dec 2023
Our team here at Addrevenue have met the people behind the insurance guide Försä This article is part of a series where we highlight many of the talented publicists on our network.

One of Addrevenue's many successful affiliates

Försä uses Addrevenue to find relevant advertisers to present on their website. Of course, it's about insurance companies or insurance-related products that they think fit in well and have a relevant place for their visitors. The range of advertisers at Addrevenue is large in this area.

Who are insured and what do you do?

Insured is a so-called insurance guide and information site for everything you can think of about insurance. Our task is to satisfy questions people may have about specific insurances or generally how it works or how to take out insurance.

The information presented is relatively static and we collect certain data points from Swedish insurance companies, so it will be easier to compare. Instead of visiting 10 different insurance companies, we see that people prefer to visit us where everything can be collected.

In addition to that, we carry out our own investigations and tests such as e.g. check sample prices or investigate which of the companies respond fastest via the chat.

How do you use Addrevenue?

We use Addrevenue to find relevant advertisers to feature on our website. Naturally, it is about insurance companies or insurance-related products that we think fit in well and have a relevant place for our visitors. The range on Addrevenue is large and there are new advertisers every week who are suitable for one of our many channels. We also experience tremendous responsiveness when it comes to new advertisers that we as affiliates wish to work with. Then Addrevenue chases them in without mercy!

All together at Addrevenue lays the foundation for our advertising model to work and that the income for the work we put in to constantly keep the website updated and relevant pays off.

Is there something special about Addrevenue's platform that you at Versäkrat particularly like?

We love everything and really think that Addrevenue is the best the affiliate network! But concretely, it is the small details that are really designed for publishers and affiliates, e.g. confetti rains on every conversion, which we love! But also more practical things like the reporting, the dashboard and technical integrations are top class and always work smoothly. You also released a new forecast function this week and I have heard that you are also releasing a new marketplace where you can buy and sell your channels?

The pace of innovation on the platform is high and we, who have been involved since the beginning, clearly see how to constantly develop and test new functions that we have never seen before in this industry. That, combined with the fact that you are taking commercial steps at record speed, means that you really want to be a continued part of the platform.

How do you see the future of Försäkrat?

We look very strongly to the future with Försäkrat and our other brands in the portfolio! One market that interests us a lot is Germany, where we have launched Great growth potential in a large market.

In addition to that, we focus on other areas in which we have talented experts, e.g. which focuses on electricity contracts and which focuses on telecom.

All brands reflect what we think the consumers of the future will look like. In general, you use the internet and search engines to find information, it's not so strange. In addition, we are trying to appeal to a younger generation, who according to surveys do not like to call.

Helena Svensson
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