This is how much you earn as a pet affiliate

The dog is man's best friend and of course pets become an incredibly engaging category to work in as an affiliate. It includes everything from claw clippers to pet food and GPS vests. In addition to equipping your pets in the best way, it is also important to review your pets' insurance. However, you are not the only one who is committed to your pets, many companies are passionate about creating the best products for pets and they are willing to offer good commissions for the affiliates who can help them drive sales.

How much can I earn as an affiliate in pets?

The commission for an affiliate in pets varies between different products but is generally very good. As you can see in the table below, there are also big differences between different months, which means that you might want to spend extra when you know that every click is worth the most. To illustrate how much you can earn as a pet affiliate, we have also shown in the table how much you earn at 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000 clicks in each month.

Month EPC 1 000 clicks 10 000 clicks 100 000 clicks
2023-03 3,75 3 750 37 500 375 000
2023-02 3,97 3 970 39 700 397 000
2023-01 5,50 5 500 55 000 550 000
2022-12 5,78 5 780 57 800 578 000
2022-11 3,31 3 310 33 100 331 000
Earnings per click (EPC) in the category Pets. Data from the last 12 months. © Addrevenue AB. Latest updated 22 Mar 2023, kl 04:00.
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The above calculation refers to potential revenue before VAT. Any overheads, VAT and other taxes are not included. EPC (Earnings per click) values are based on our historical data and is no guarantee of the future. Categories with fewer transactions run a certain risk of having misleading values.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Pet Advertisers

We have many strong players on addrevenue within the pet category, but below you can read more about those who gave the most in EPC (earnings per click) in the last 12 months.


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This is how many clicks it takes to make a million SEK in pets

We know how ambitious an average affiliate on our platform is, and therefore we have also produced a table to demonstrate how many clicks are required each month to earn up to one million SEK as an affiliate within pets. Just like a small carrot. The number of clicks required to achieve this amount varies greatly from month to month, which is a very good insight to take into account when planning your work as an affiliate.

Month EPC Tjäna 10 000 Tjäna 100 000 Tjäna 1 000 000
2023-03 3,75 2 667 clicks 26 667 clicks 266 667 clicks
2023-02 3,97 2 519 clicks 25 189 clicks 251 889 clicks
2023-01 5,50 1 818 clicks 18 182 clicks 181 818 clicks
2022-12 5,78 1 730 clicks 17 301 clicks 173 010 clicks
2022-11 3,31 3 021 clicks 30 211 clicks 302 115 clicks
Earnings per click (EPC) in the category Pets. Data from the last 12 months. © Addrevenue AB. Latest updated 22 Mar 2023, kl 04:00.
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