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Watertrade - Watertrade sells products for GROHE Red and GROHE Blue. We sell faucets, spare parts, CO2 etc.

Watertrade was founded back in 2019, and today we are present in 3 nordic countires: Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We founded Watertrade as we observed an increasing demand for CO2 in the nordic countries. Therefore we made cooperation with GROHE. We esepcially saw a high demand at offices in northern europe. A lot of companies has realised that employees often value having chilled sparkling water, ready to drink directly from the faucet. So this is considered a perk for a lot of empleyees. At the same time, having a GROHE Blue faucet at the office, can also help the company lowering their costs. For some companies Grohe blue has replaced expensive sodas or lowered the expenses for the office coffee machine. 

Watertrades products can be divided into two categories; Grohe red and Grohe Blue. 

Grohe blue supplies you with sparkling refreshing water. At watertrade you can find everything you need for Grohe blue. We supply our customers with faucets, Grohe blue spare parts, Grohe blue home, grohe blue pure and then CO2. Especially our broad selection of CO2 is popular. We are not only selling CO2, we are also exchanging old CO2 bottles. At watertrade, the customer can choose to exchange their old bottles, by choosing exchange CO2 bottles in the menu. Already 1-2 days adfter the order is placed, the custoemr will receive new bottles. Now all they ahve to do, is return their old bottles in box they received the new bottles in. They will find a prepaid return label in the box. 


Grohe red on the other hand, offers boiling water in seconds. In this way you can always make coffee, tea etc in seconds. And it also comes in handy when cooking, and you have to steam vegetables for example. 

We are looking for affiliate partnerships, with affiliate partners who believe our products are a good match for their platform. 

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