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Scandinavianrest - Say goodbye to poor sleep and worry. Weighted blankets and weighted blankets - designed for comfort in all temperatures.

ScandinavianRest is one of the largest "sleep-niche" companies in the scandinavian market. Our most popular products is our weighted blankets, which quickly became the most popular of its kind in Denmark. Now we've taken on the swedish market to help spread our messasge to promote better sleep. We're willing to go far for our affiliate partners - if you do really well we'll be able to increase your commission further

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Scandinavianrest about the cooperation with Addrevenue

Filip Højgaard
Chief Operating Officer, Scandinavianrest
“We have helped more than 25,000 customers in Denmark, Sweden, and other European countries, but we are not done, and we are not satisfied; we want more, we want to improve, and we want to help people all around the world. That's why we're looking for more affiliate partners and that's why we're thankful to have discovered and we've very happy with the results we've gotten so far on their affiliate network.”
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