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Qanoid - Every single one of Qanoid’s products undergo 3rd party lab tests to ensure that the product you have in your is of the highest quality.

The idea for Qanoid was created in Sweden but was launched in the Netherlands. Today we are selling premium quality CBD products to the European market, so why not tag along for the journey ahead!

CBD has never been more relevant than today, the demand for serious CBD entrepreneurs with focus on longevity and quality has never been higher, and that’s why Qanoid exists!

Qanoid strives to highlight the potential uses of Cannabinoids, produce products of premium quality and offer customer support out of the ordinary! A lot of interesting and exciting things are happening right now in the CBD industry. All over the world CBD is used in new different ways and knowledge regarding cannabinoids is developing at an unprecedented rate.

One of Qanoid’s cornerstones is innovation, we are passionate about testing, refining and developing new products!

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