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HowdyDance - Videogreetings from Africa, for any occasion

Welcome to HowdyDance - your place for heartfelt video greetings from Zambia! Perfect for all occasions, whether it's birthdays, graduations, Mother's Day, or any other special moment. We are a team of passionate individuals who embrace the enchantment of dance and community. Our mission is to spread joy and well-being worldwide by creating and sharing entertaining and inspiring video clips.

But we don't take this step alone. We collaborate directly with groups in Africa, working side by side with local dancers and artists to create entertaining content that reflects their culture and traditions. By sharing this platform with these talented individuals, we not only contribute to their livelihood but also let their unique voices resonate worldwide.

We place great value on fair compensation and sustainable business practices. Therefore, we maintain close communication with our partners, ensuring they receive a fair share of the revenues. By supporting us, you not only gain access to fun and engaging video clips but also contribute to supporting a global community of creators.

We thank you for being a part of our mission to spread joy and positivity worldwide. Without you, this would not be possible!

Why settle for traditional and dull gifts when you can unleash your creativity and give something truly unique?

We collaborate with six different villages in Zambia in our efforts to let our love flow through our greetings! Every order you make also contributes to clean water in our villages thanks to the Thirst Project.

We have also established partnerships with creators and other prominent names such as Filip Dikmen and Adin Ross!

Feel free to explore our social media platforms to enjoy all our content here.


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