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CleanSea - CleanSea's goal is to make an impact for marine life, and shape a clean future for the ocean. We do it by removing plastic and harmful trash from the ocean.

CleanSea started in the autumn of 2019, with the goal of making an impact for marine life and shaping a clean future for the ocean. We do it by removing plastic and other harmful trash from the ocean, mainly in Sweden, but also internationally in places such as Peru, Mexico and Colombia. We remove ocean plastic through coastal cleanups, collecting plastic floating in marinas, and diving for trash on the ocean floor. So far, we've removed 25 000 kilos of ocean trash!

The CleanSea project is funded through oru CleanSea bracelets, and we remove 1 kilo of ocean trash for each bracelet sold. People can also fund the removal of 1 pound, 1 kilo or 2 kilos of ocean plastic every month as a CleanSea subscriber. 

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CleanSea about the cooperation with Addrevenue

Lukas Julher
“För oss som vill öka vår försäljning och nå ut till nya kunder är det värdefullt att kunna starta samarbeten med affiliates som hjälper oss med dessa delar. Känns helt rätt att vara del av Addrevenues nätverk, det har hjälpt oss sälja många CleanSea armband!”
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