What is Easylinks™ and how does it work?

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Written by Peter Larsson
Published 13 Feb 2023Updated 6 Dec 2023
Easylinks™ is a way for you as an affiliate to create nice and simple links from your website to our advertisers. Install our javascript and voila your usual links are suddenly trackable advertiser links! Here we explain how it works.

Working as an affiliate at Addrevenue should be easy. We spend a lot of time and energy building away and hiding the advanced technical stuff behind the scenes, and making it as simple and straightforward as possible for you as an affiliate. A step in that direction is our technology Easylinks™.

Win-win with nice links

Traditional links to the advertiser's website go via our tracking server and thus the web address addrevenue.io is also visible in the link. In addition to that, various parameters with IDs of various kinds are also visible. With Easylinks™ you instead link directly to the advertiser's website. Not only does it make for nicer links, but it's also easier for you, because you never have to think about advertiser IDs and channel IDs, etc.

One javascript does all the work

The technique works by installing javascript (affiliate.min.js) on your website. It's a one-time job that then works for all links on your page. The script is added e.g. in the <head>-section on all pages and is loaded asynchronously, i.e. in the background and does not prevent the rest of the page from loading. The experience for visitors to your website is therefore not negatively affected and Google does not rank the page lower either. On the contrary; more relevant outbound links can be a positive factor.

The script keeps track of whether the visitor clicks on an advertiser link and, if necessary, replaces the link to go via our tracking server. The click is tracked and the visitor is then forwarded to the advertiser's website in a flash.

The script knows which links are advertiser links by matching its URL with the active relations you have with Addrevenue. If it is not an advertiser link, the traffic is not sent via our tracking server.

How do I install the script?

The easiest way is to go to My advertisers on our platform and then click on one of the advertisers you link to. Under "Link type" you change to Easylink™ and at the bottom you now see the code to be inserted on your website. Please note that without this code installed, Easylinks™ will not work and tracking will be completely lost!

It is therefore important that you test this properly:

  1. Load the javascript affiliate.min.js on all pages of your website.
  2. Create normal direct links on the website directly to your advertisers, for example https://www.myadvertiser.com/shop (so not to https://addrevenue.io/t?c=.... etc.)
  3. Click on the created link on your home page.
  4. Make sure you land on https://www.myadvertiser.com/shop?utm_source=addrevenue.io... (and various other parameters)
  5. Also check in the event log on our platform under Reports / Events that the click has been registered.
  6. If you land on https://www.myadvertiser.com/shop (without parameters) then tracking has failed. Likewise if you do not find an event in the event log.

Once you have tested and established that tracking works with links directly to the advertiser, you are ready to get started with Easylinks™.

Good luck!

Peter Larsson
CTO & Co-founder
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