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Written by Heimar Svensson
Published 8 Jan 2023Updated 6 Dec 2023
How can you profile yourself as a media agency that offers added value compared to other advertising agencies? You need a trump card that gives the customer a faster path to sales. Invest in a performance-based part of the marketing basket in the form of affiliate marketing and influencers!

Add performance-based marketing to your offering

When you as a media agency offer completely performance-based collaborations with influencers and websites, you give the customer a good reason to work with you. Affiliate marketing makes up between 15-20% of all online transactions and is therefore a form of marketing that cannot be ignored. Together with other services in your portfolio, you as a media agency will have a competitive customer offer that will help you win more customers. And also give them greater value.

Offer more than Google to your customers!

When customers come to you for help with increased online sales, Google will be one of the first words in your conversation. You work with the methods required to rank websites and online stores high in the search results in order to increase sales.

Google Programmatic in the form of Google Ads and their marketing platform are also given tools. But the question whether there is nothing more to do than that is asked, and that question has an answer. The traffic from Google is crucial, but there are also other effective methods such as influencer collaborations and affiliate links on strategic sites and in social media.

Free collaborations that increase sales

Being able to offer a customer more sales at no extra cost is something that you can go a long way with. Collaborations with websites and influencers can be completely free in such a way that you only pay for sales that occur as a result of recommendations.

Sometimes it is well worth providing an influencer with products in order to gain greater exposure. Of course, this means a cost. But the cost of this cannot be compared to the large sums you spend on everything needed to appear on Google!

Examples of flexible affiliate collaborations:

  • Influencers can make videos, write posts and take pictures of products or services. With links and possibly bonuses, they send their followers on to your customer to buy the recommended item.
  • Bloggers can write about the customer's business and link to it.
  • Websites can provide the customer's product as a suggestion on popular pages that have high traffic.
  • Youtube channels can showcase products and services and link to the online store.

Note that it rarely costs more than offering the person who will market your customer's business a free product. Sometimes this is not even necessary. An affiliate is motivated by the fact that money is made when people who follow the advice actually trade.

How much it will cost is up to you and the customer. You are looking at a percentage in commission that is sustainable. It is possible to adjust this to create initiatives and perhaps special campaigns to drive in more sales via partners.

Offer the customer an increased value in the form of quality

It is also important to focus on quality. A web agency that can deliver quality has a natural trump card in addition to being able to provide the customer with the right influencers and affiliates. Quality is a key word that customers are looking for.

Quality content can be:

  • Texts that really give something and are liked by both search engines and potential customers
  • Videos that engage and spread
  • Images that are attractive and say more than 1000 positive words

Influencers and site owners who want to act as affiliates for your customer can of course create their own content. But sometimes it can be good to be able to offer sponsored posts where you ensure that the content is of the highest quality and produces the desired results.

There is great value in being able to create tailored material for all campaigns. The customer does not have to worry about where and when something should be visible. When you can trust that you only work with quality, it provides security.

Important to be able to show the customer how it works

Another big advantage of increasing the customer's value with performance-based marketing is that it is easy to report this. With affiliate links and special influencer campaigns, it is possible to see in black and white what these provide.


Show results for your customers!


It is much more difficult to analyze a regular advertising campaign with ads and TV commercials. Affiliate marketing is smooth and easy to analyze. With ready-made reports, you can quickly show a customer how many clicks have come from a certain website or online entertainment channel.

This information can also be used to improve the customer's online store and website. When the traffic does not convert as intended, you as a web agency can make sure to change this. Because it is so fast to work with affiliate marketing, it doesn't take long to discover flaws and introduce the changes required for the customer to sell more thanks to your help.

Take care of all communication with affiliates

It is quite common that those who run businesses do not have the time or energy to communicate with possible affiliates or to research where the target audience resides online. When you can offer this as a package via, it really adds value to the customer.

By creating good relationships with influencers as well as owners of well-visited sites and blogs, you have something that can make the big difference for the customer who wants to sell more. There will be actual solutions and suggestions rather than theories that might work in practice.


Sell a ready service for upselling to new customers who want to succeed online. By offering stable collaborations with influencers and websites at no extra cost, you give the customer a good reason to work with you.

Today, affiliate marketing is so important that it should definitely be in your basket of methods and tactics to help your customers succeed online. With everything gathered in one place, you can use affiliate marketing to achieve the goals that are set and to offer something that is a little out of the ordinary. A little sharper and well much better!

Heimar Svensson
CEO & Co-founder
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