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Written by Peter Larsson
Published 13 Feb 2023Updated 10 Dec 2023
This could be a short article. We do not collect any personal data at all! But here below we instead explain a little about what we collect and why.

It's important for you as an advertiser on addrevenue to be aware of the fact that we do not collect any personal data at all about the visitors. When a visitor clicks on a link from an affiliate, the visit goes through our tracking server and we save a channel ID of the affiliate channel that drove the traffic, as well as an advertiser ID of the advertiser the traffic goes to. We also generate a random unique click ID, in order to derive any subsequent conversions to the click.

We also save data such as market, in order to be able to direct the traffic correctly for those advertisers who are in several markets and may have different web addresses for their websites in each country. Of course, we also store the date and time when the click took place.

When a conversion takes place, e.g. buy on the advertiser's website, and here too we store only the most necessary. In addition to what is mentioned above, the amount and currency of the order are also stored. This is to be able to calculate commissions for the affiliate.

We also store the advertiser's order number in cases where this is sent with it. This is so that the advertiser can more easily find transactions and match against their own order system afterwards, if necessary. It also makes it easier for us to prevent duplicates, should further calls with the same order number come in.

What we do NOT store

Here above we went through what we store. Apparently no personal data or other sensitive information. All data stored is anonymous. We therefore do not store names, e-mail addresses or the like. We do not store IP addresses. And we only set first-party cookies and thus have no way of mapping user behavior between different sites, etc.

Should any advertiser submit more data than we are interested in, we will contact the advertiser and ask them to minimize their data. Regardless, we do not store this data, but we still encourage advertisers not to send such data. For example. could it be privacy-infringing to send an insurance number in plain text. Then we recommend hashing (basically encrypting) it before sending it to us. Alternatively, you can also send without an order number.

We work based on the principle of data minimization and have absolutely no interest in getting more data than we need. Despite this, the traffic that is sent to us is still sent encrypted (SSL) and even this anonymous data is therefore in safe custody.

Peter Larsson
CTO & Co-founder
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