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Written by Peter Larsson
Published 8 Dec 2023Updated 10 Dec 2023
Many affiliates work with product feeds, i.e. data files that contain product information such as title, description, price, image, etc. Comparison sites and CSSs pick up the products automatically. Other influencers get product texts and images that way. And regardless, you get free extra exposure in our large product catalog, visible to all affiliates!

Why a product feed is important

A product feed is what allows us to retrieve your products and show them to affiliates in the product catalog. Affiliates can also download your products and display them in their channel with correct product image, price and if the product is in stock or not.

Most e-commerce platforms either have a built-in support for generating product feeds while others need some help from external applications to solve it. Below we go through some of the common platforms and how you as an advertiser can generate your product feed.

As an advertiser, you specify in the account settings which e-commerce platform you use, and therefore we can often automatically download the products.


When you install our plugin, you get a URL to the product feed automatically. Our system can then download the products via the plugin. You don't have to do anything yourself when you use our WooCommerce plugin!

Quick shop

The Quickbutik platform has built-in support for product feed, and since it is a known URL, we can also download yours here automatically and you don't have to do anything. Please note that this support is only available for the Standard and Pro price plans. Start does not support product feed at all.


Unfortunately, Shopify does not have its own built-in support for product feed, but is dependent on external solutions. If you have our own Addrevenue Shopify app installed, you'll automatically get a product feed URL and just click "Get Now" in the app, and we'll get the products from there.

If you don't run our app for some reason, we usually recommend the app Mulwi Feeds. There, select Google Shopping XML. You don't need to change any settings on the page and when you click Save, you'll get a product feed URL. This product feed URL should then be pasted into Addrevenue's platform under Products and Product feed.


Abicart has native support for price files, and we recommend using the Google Shopping format. in Abicart the price file must be configured first. You can read how to do this in detail in this instructions for Abicart .

You can find the feed to Google Shopping under Settings > External connections > Product feeds. Each language and currency gets its own URL. This product feed URL should then be pasted into Addrevenue's platform under Products and Product feed.

The Viking group

Your store needs the module for product feeds installed, and then you can set up different feeds and enter country, language and currency. In older versions of Wikinggruppen, you need to ask support for help setting up product feeds, but in later versions you can create these feeds yourself in the control panel.

Once you have created your product feed(s) (if you are in multiple markets), these product feed URLs should then be pasted into Addrevenue's platform under Products and Product feed.

Peter Larsson
CTO & Co-founder
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