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Written by Peter Larsson
Published 16 Aug 2023Updated 6 Dec 2023
A clear and transparent process for paying commissions to affiliates is important to build trust between advertisers, affiliates and Addrevenue. Below, we go through in detail how it works from clicks to the money being in the account.

Payouts from Addrevenue

Upon purchase, a transaction is created that you can see on Addrevenue's platform. On the first of the following month, a transaction list is created. The transaction list is approved by the advertiser at the 20th of that month, and depending on the advertiser's chosen payment method, the commission is normally paid either on the 25th of that month or the 25th of the following month.

It starts with a click

In almost all cases, the journey begins with a visitor clicking on a link in the affiliate's channel. It can be a link in a blog, from an Instagram story, banner, etc. When the user clicks, the traffic is sent via our tracking server, which registers the click and redirects the user on to the advertiser's website or app. Logged into our platform, both advertiser and affiliate can see the click. We do not collect any personal data and thus no such data is available to view either.

The transaction

When the user "converts", i.e. performs the action that the advertiser is willing to pay for, a so-called transaction is created. It can for example be a purchase in the advertiser's webshop, signup to a newsletter or an insurance policy. Just like with the click, no personal data is collected. However, order number, amount and currency are visible to both advertisers and affiliates in our platform.

The transaction list

On the 1st of each month, we collect the previous month's transactions in a so-called transaction list. The advertiser has 20 days to approve or deny transactions on the list. Denied transactions can be returns, canceled orders, etc. How common it is with denied transactions depends very much on the industry, set-up, types of products, etc. but on average you can count on around 95% of transactions being approved by the advertisers.

On the 20th of the month, any transaction lists that are not yet marked as ready are automatically approved. Should the advertiser not actively mark the transaction list for some reason, this will be done automatically.

We offer advertisers to pay by invoice 30 days or credit card. When a ready-marked transaction list is paid, we create a payment basis.

The payment basis

On the 25th of each month, we collect all the paid transaction lists and create a payment basis. The basis for payment can therefore often consist of transactions from several different advertisers.

If the affiliate has a business, we create a self-invoice, which is similar to the affiliate invoicing us, but we help them create the invoice, so that all numbers are guaranteed to be 100% correct.

If the affiliate is an individual, we cooperate with Gigapay, which handles employer fees and income tax.


In some cases where we have a stable and longer relationship with the advertiser, we can offer prepayout (payout in advance). This means that for a small fee for the affiliate, we pay out immediately, i.e. not on the 25th but immediately when they request payout and regardless of whether the advertiser has paid yet or not.

A couple of examples

Sometimes it is best to show the flow through example timelines. Here are two examples.

Example 1:

  • A customer purchases in an advertiser's webshop on August 24.
  • On September 1, we will create the transaction list and notify the advertiser.
  • The advertiser marks the transaction list as ready on September 18.
  • The advertiser has entered his card, so the money is withdrawn immediately.
  • On September 25, we will pay out the money to the affiliate.

Example 2:

  • Another customer signs upp for an insurance with an advertiser on April 4.
  • May 1st we create the transaction list and notify the advertiser.
  • The advertiser does not mark the transaction list as ready for some reason, so on May 20th we will do it automatically.
  • The advertiser has not entered a card, so we will send an invoice due in 30 days.
  • The payment for the invoice comes to our account on June 19.
  • On June 25, we pay out the money to the affiliate.


We hope this article was just clear and transparent. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us at!

Peter Larsson
CTO & Co-founder
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