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Written by Heimar Svensson
Published 8 Jan 2023Updated 6 Dec 2023
With many clients needing help with affiliate marketing, it can be a lot to keep track of. Especially when you would like to use one and the same influencer for several of your customers. To make it easy for you to manage affiliate marketing for different businesses, we have made sure that everything can be managed from one account.

All your customers' affiliate marketing efforts via one account

Once you discover all the benefits of offering clients affiliate marketing services, performance-based results with predictable costs for example. Then you will probably think "How can we do it?". Via Addrevenue you can manage all of your customers via a single account that is easy to understand and which allows you to easily report to your customer what has been done and what is going on. It is a very flexible service that you as an agency can use as a sales argument to new customers who want to increase their sales.

Different customers but all under one roof

Our system makes it possible to keep collaborations with influencers for different customers in order without it getting messy. You can easily see which site or influencer is associated with a certain customer. This allows you to work customer by customer.

This also makes it easy to work with the same sites and affiliates for several different clients. Over time, you will realize what works and then you can ensure that more customers benefit from this.

But everything is visible separately on your account so you always keep track of which customer is recommended where. All details are collected so that you can easily review how things are going and what should possibly change.

Your customers can trust that you have your finger on the influencer pulse. You find the right collaborations and keep track of how these develop with a single account with us!


Show the direction for all clients with affiliate marketing

Find the right influencers and affiliates for each specific customer

How do you find the right influencer or blog for a specific client? This is a question that you should have an answer to before you start selecting cooperation partners for your customer's business.

Some important steps to take to find the right publishers are:

  • Define the target group of your customer well. With more knowledge about how your client's potential customers behave, what interests they have and what their demographics look like, it will be easier to find the right affiliates. You simply choose an influencer whose followers belong to the intended target group.
  • Learn more about possible influencers. You can use social media as well as forums to get a better picture of influencers. Look at the category an influencer operates in to match your client's brand and target audience. It is often possible to obtain lists of influencers belonging to specific categories such as health, technology, fashion and more.
  • Take a look at followers and readers. It is of course important that a blog, website and video channel has many followers and readers for it to be worth starting a collaboration. You can use various tools to look at this. On Youtube, you can see the number of views and you can also take a look at whether many people are commenting. It is a signal that they are committed and care about the content of the cinnamon. There are tools that you can use to see how much traffic to a website is, such as Alexa Traffic Rank and SEMRush. However, keep in mind to research which keywords the traffic is targeting to match correctly with your client's business.
  • Take a look at tone and style. It is very important that an influencer has a tone and style that fits well with the brand that you want to spread on the person's channel. Sometimes you have to discuss this with your customer, sometimes it is obvious whether it fits or not.
  • How far does this influencer reach? There are influencers that reach far, far beyond the platform they primarily use. They can have daily followers on Facebook but also videos that are watched over and over again on Youtube and TikTok. Add to this things like newsletters and events to get a better picture of how many people an influencer can reach with the message of your client's brand and product.
  • Take a look at the financials. There are many different types of influencer collaborations. Sometimes it takes an effort and more than product samples. Sometimes compensation for sales that happen via the influencer's links and recommendations is enough.

Of course, the value you receive via a certain channel must be taken into account. If there are many sales, it might be worth paying a little more for this and vice versa.

Become a Power User and shoot everything in one portfolio

With many customers who want affiliate collaborations to sell more, you can become a Power User with us. As I said, this means that you have your entire portfolio of customers and influencers in one account. Only a single login is required to access all information.

You can still have separate invoices for each customer and collaboration. That way you don't have to think about how to keep the different activities apart.

Benefits of collecting all your affiliate collaborations in one account:

  • You save time with everything gathered in one place
  • You can easily see if an influencer would also be suitable for another customer
  • You can analyze and compare different customer accounts to improve your service
  • You don't have to commute between different accounts and platforms to handle affiliate marketing for customers
  • You quickly see if there is a new influencer that you should contact
  • You handle all adjustments regarding compensation and links in one place

Get started with affiliates for your customers!

If you haven't already realized the power of offering clients affiliate marketing as part of your advertising efforts, now is the time to do so. The beauty of our system is that you can start with a single customer and then scale up. Register your account today via this link.

When you discover all the benefits of offering customers flexible affiliate marketing, it will be easy for you to scale up and do more. Your account is easy to overview and you can easily report to your customer what has been done and what is going on. It will be a very flexible service that your web agency can use as a sales argument to new customers who want to sell more online.

Heimar Svensson
CEO & Co-founder
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