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Written by Helena Svensson
Published 11 Feb 2023Updated 6 Dec 2023
There are four main ways to make money on YouTube: affiliate links, participating in YouTube's partner program, sponsorships, and various forms of paid subscriptions, such as Patreon. In addition, you can often combine the different sources of income.

The best ways to make money on YouTube

You mainly earn money on YouTube through Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and advertising partnerships. To do that, however, the key on YouTube is to repeatedly capture viewers' attention. To do that, the first 15 seconds are the most important. Also, try to post with continuity, maybe once a week. And don't give up too soon, it takes time to build a YouTube channel that makes big money on a recurring basis.

Motion picture is the hottest - monetize your YouTube channel

YouTube is the world's second largest search engine, with billions of people ready to watch videos. And moving images are absolutely the hottest thing in social media. No other material performs as well on different platforms. This trend is predicted to continue and even increase. Therefore, make sure you are on YouTube and set up a strategy on how to monetize your YouTube channel.

How do you work with affiliate links on YouTube?

Working with affiliate links on YouTube is easy and effective. Becoming an affiliate is quick and you can be up and running and start making money the same day. On YouTube, put the affiliate link in the video's description. Be sure to follow all rules, for example regarding ad labeling. Also, be sure to tell about the offer in the video itself and encourage viewers to click on your link in the description. If the video is long and you have told about the affiliate offer at the beginning of the video, it might be worth making a reminder at the end of the video. Invest time and energy in presenting the offer in the best possible way - because a YouTube video can live for a very long time and thus can provide passive income for a long time to come. Don't forget to tell your viewers that you potentially make money if they make a purchase after clicking your link. If you miss this, you break Youtube's rules and risk being suspended.


Here you see a YouTuber who really worked through his video description. The links, several of which are affiliate links, are arranged based on categories, for example favorite equipment and links to own courses. The person also makes sure to introduce themselves in the description. Don't forget that YouTube is a search engine - all information and keywords count! As you can see, YouTube allows a lot of information in the description. Make sure to use the space well so that the algorithm can find exactly your video and you get as many viewers as possible.

How much can you earn in different categories?

Here you can see tables of what Addrevenue's affiliates earn in different categories. We update the tables daily with fresh information at 04.00 CET. At the time of writing, our affiliates earn the best in the insurance category. If you have a YouTube channel where you have the opportunity to talk about and sell different types of insurance, there is potential here to make a lot of money!

A YouTube video can live a very long time

On Instagram, you mainly see the latest in the feed and you can only link directly from stories, which are only visible for 24 hours. Other social media have a similar problem – it's only the latest thing that's hot. YouTube is unique in that the search results show the most relevant material, based on the user's interest. A video can therefore live incredibly long. Of course, the algorithm rewards new material, but a YouTube video clearly lives longer than much other content on social media. If you have material that is timeless and relevant, people will watch, both today and a year from now. Your affiliate links can thus give you passive income for a long time to come.

Photo on mobile phone showing the YouTube logo

How does the YouTube partner program work?

The YouTube Partner Program is another way to make money on YouTube. You must apply to be able to participate and your channel must meet certain requirements, including the number of views. YouTube will review your channel before you are approved and you will be expected to maintain a consistently high standard.

Within the affiliate program, you can earn money from everything from the ads that appear on the display page. There is also the option of channel membership, a store on YouTube where you can sell profile products and you can get a share of the subscription fee when YouTube premium subscribers watch your content. As previously mentioned, however, there are many requirements, both regarding the number of subscribers and views but also authorization requirements for the various functions.

Sponsorship vs Affiliate Links

There are also sponsored videos on YouTube, in addition to affiliate links. You can get paid to record and publish a video, but there is also sponsorship of, for example, trips, hotel nights or various forms of products. The advantage is that you know exactly how much you will earn. The downside is that you only get paid once, while affiliate links have the potential for future passive income for a long time. There is also no upper limit to how much you can earn, with affiliate links! Of course, you can also combine sponsorship with affiliate links, as long as your sponsor does not have specific rules about this.

Paid subscriptions like Patreon

Patreon works as a kind of crowdfunding for content creators. You as a creator can start a Patreon and let your fans or followers pay a monthly fee to see your material. If you want to create as a YouTube creator and let your viewers have access to premium material, or other forms of extra material, then it is fine to charge for it via, for example, Patreon.

Five tips for success with your channel

Regardless of how you work with the actual earnings on YouTube, the income is based on having as many viewers as possible. Here are five tips:

  • The key to capturing viewers' attention is the first 15 seconds. If you do not manage to capture their interest within 15 seconds, many will unfortunately click on
  • Stick to your topic and niche
  • Try to post with some continuity, maybe once a week
  • Don't give up, keep posting, even if you have few viewers at first
  • Be careful and strategic when working with title, description and tags. Keep in mind that these words are keys that determine whether YouTube chooses to show your material or not

Easier to make money now than in the beginning

YouTube has been around for 16 years, but the conditions for making money through YouTube are actually better now than ten years ago. A survey from 2019 showed that a third of children wanted to be YouTubers in the future. Not so strange. YouTube is an amazing medium, which has made many people both successful and wealthy. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunities and make money through YouTube in 2023! The easiest step is to start affiliate marketing
- why not get started today?


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